Jillian (abbeyrhodes) wrote,

My last meal- a 10 course smorgasbord extravaganza

All to be small tastings, except for the ribeye at the end:

1. A seared bay scallop wrapped in bacon
2. Fresh beet salad (pickled and roasted) with fresh goat cheese, heirloom tomatoes on a bed of micro greens and cilantro with a bright, acidic vinaigrette.
3. A beautiful slice of Toro sashimi
4. Fluffy gnocchi with veal ragu- served with a fresh basil, buffalo mozzarella caprese salad.
5. Roasted garlic spread on a crostini
6. Carnitas taco with beans and rice on the side and a salsa bar
7. A bite of pulled pork bathed in a spicy vinegar sauce on buttery bun and topped with vinegar based coleslaw and a small onion ring.
8. Chicken makhani from place in Oxnard with basmati rice and naan
9. Red curry from Siam House
10. Dry aged ribeye w/ roasted brussel sprouts, creamy potato and parsnip puree. This final course will be served with a glass of rich, dusty pinot noir and a glorious glass of Lagavulin, neat.

No dessert. Dessert is for amateurs.
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