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Wednesday, May 23rd, 2012

Subject:I can't get too excited after today, but...
Time:12:54 am.

I never get to say my favorite team is in the finals of anything (hello, LA has a hockey team?...and the San Diego Chargers...?) BUT NO MORE!!!!


Smith is the worst goalie ever. I hope he gets the clap and loses an arm. Doughty was robbed and had every right to be angry about the wrong penalty call and that he was offsides. Stupid, blind referees. But no matter, Penner pulled out a goal with two minutes left in OT! So we beat the #1, #2, and #3 seed to get to the Finals, as the #8 seed!

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Sunday, February 12th, 2012

Time:11:36 pm.
Paul McCartney and Bruce Springsteen rocking out together? Be still my heart.
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Tuesday, February 7th, 2012

Time:10:58 am.
Just heard on NPR the other day that DC (along with NY) has the highest population of single people living alone, at over 50%. And the average age people get married in DC is 33. This makes me kinda happy.
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Monday, February 6th, 2012

Time:10:27 pm.
It's coming down to the wire. I have roughly 7 more days until I have to decide if I'm going to move out of my apartment or not and try to live on my friends' couches till I find something. Come on doc. review, please give me some work! Anything, anywhere, anyone- something to tide me over! I don't know what to do about this. How can I afford to store my stuff if I can't afford basic rent? How did this even happen?
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Wednesday, January 25th, 2012

Subject:My last meal- a 10 course smorgasbord extravaganza
Time:4:00 pm.
All to be small tastings, except for the ribeye at the end:

1. A seared bay scallop wrapped in bacon
2. Fresh beet salad (pickled and roasted) with fresh goat cheese, heirloom tomatoes on a bed of micro greens and cilantro with a bright, acidic vinaigrette.
3. A beautiful slice of Toro sashimi
4. Fluffy gnocchi with veal ragu- served with a fresh basil, buffalo mozzarella caprese salad.
5. Roasted garlic spread on a crostini
6. Carnitas taco with beans and rice on the side and a salsa bar
7. A bite of pulled pork bathed in a spicy vinegar sauce on buttery bun and topped with vinegar based coleslaw and a small onion ring.
8. Chicken makhani from place in Oxnard with basmati rice and naan
9. Red curry from Siam House
10. Dry aged ribeye w/ roasted brussel sprouts, creamy potato and parsnip puree. This final course will be served with a glass of rich, dusty pinot noir and a glorious glass of Lagavulin, neat.

No dessert. Dessert is for amateurs.
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Tuesday, January 24th, 2012

Time:8:30 pm.
I got food poisoning for the first time that I can remember. It was a viral food poisoning, probably from a tuna sandwich from my coffee shop (I have one more in the fridge I have to throw out... and here I was excited that I got some free food). Liz and the internet confirmed that food poisoning can take 12-48 hours to manifest if it is a viral food poisoning (the most common). This creates all kinds of liquid projections, fever, nausea, aches...etc. And I had it all. It all started around 9am yesterday and then progressively got worse. The fever climbed to 102 and broke around 3am when I was watching episodes of the Wonder Years, because I had basically slept all day and couldn't do it any more. My body hurt, my joints hurt. I was dehydrated. It was the worst. Today I had no appetite but managed to eat some crackers and half a bowl of chicken soup. My stomach is still not happy. So on top of being emotionally a wreck because I don't have any income, and absolutely no money, I now have the pleasure of being a physical wreck as well. How fun. If this is as bad as life gets, I'll be very grateful, but shit better turn back around really soon.
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Thursday, January 19th, 2012

Time:11:25 am.
I'm growing frustrated. I have no idea how I'm going to get a job, because this is getting god damn ridiculous. Someone interview me....please! Here's the deal. I feel that my interviewing skills back in, say, October or November were on point. I had just passed the bar, the law was still fresh in my mind, and let's face it, my self-esteem is generally too high. I was indestructible. Flash forward to 3 months after receiving my bar results, 6 months after taking the bar, and 8 months after graduating from law school... and I am beaten down. My confidence is lacking, I'm sick of being ignored by every single firm I send my resume to. I've been to 4 legal temp agencies and filled with false promises, only to still be waiting for some form of work. "There's plenty of staffing opportunities for you." "I staffed 200 people in the last two weeks, it's been mad in here!" "I wont be surprised if you get a job by next week." Lies. All of 'em, lies. And then for the firms that post false ads: I spent a good 30+ minutes tailoring my resume and cover letter for each firm before I apply. So it should come as no surprise how frustrating it is when I receive a standard email back within the hour stating that the position (which was posted on Craigslist yesterday!) has already been filled. Come on!

Someone. Hire me. Please. I wont let you down. And more importantly, I wont let me down.
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Wednesday, January 18th, 2012

Time:11:23 pm.
I am not a huge Wikipedia person, but today I've been lured into it twice only to be remembered that the site is blocked to protest proposed legislation. I was luckily able to urban dictionary a "merkin" (by the way, really weird) and now I'm going to find some other source to learn about the Green Dragon Coffee Shop in Boston. I'm betting it's not there anymore, but I want to see what has replaced it, cuz it's going on my ever expanding list of things to see.
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Monday, January 9th, 2012

Subject:quick randoms
Time:4:56 pm.
It's snowing outside so I can't go running today, but instead I should make nachos and enjoy Midnight in Paris and then a laugh-fest over the Bachelor? oh, okay.

Just spent 6 hours applying to jobs today, and I have two applications lined up in the queue for tomorrow, because I can't handle staring at my computer anymore. If I don't get a job this week, I'm screwed (I know I said this last week, but I really..really mean it this time).

Watching the food network & cooking channel is depressing when you realize you can't afford to make anything they are cooking. :(

I had a lovely weekend with the boy; did a brunch, watched some football, and just relaxed. There aren't many things I like more than just laying around in bed as the morning wanes into the afternoon. Also, the boy remains super cute and nice- Happy new year to me.
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Friday, December 16th, 2011

Subject:Things I hate the most in the restaurant world
Time:1:20 pm.
1. Table-side prepared guacamole: Guacamole is not expensive to make and truly good guacamole does not require a million ingredients as many lame-ass "Mexican" restaurants in the District lead you to believe. My dad, as a guacamole purist, enjoys a small squeeze of lime, salt, a dash of garlic powder and that's it. I enjoy adding more ingredients like chopped cilantro and hot sauce, but not much else. Guacamole doesn't need more or else you can't taste the avacado (which is what you're paying for). Real restaurants know this, but the shitty restaurants (think along the lines of Cafe Atlantico, and Rosa Mexicana) get away with charging $8-10 for two avacados worth of "guacamole" because they mash the avacado at your table and allow you to choose which ingredients you want from their shitty mise en place. It's the worst! (I assumed Loriol Plaza did this as well, since their food, kitsch, and popularity is absolutely the worst, but I was wrong... they still suck).

2. Crazes that go on for too long in D.C., like cupcakes and "upscale" burgers. Those trends are over and for good reason! Get with the times, D.C.- give me the local beer, ramen shops, and macaroons that have been big in NY for over a year now! Stop opening new cupcake shops! Sprinkles, don't you see the line wrapped around the corner of Georgetown Cupcakes (arguably the worst, but coincidentally the most popular, cupcake shop in D.C.)? Why would you want to open a nearby shop?!? Fools!

3. Fried food for happy hour: Why is it that the only food on most happy hour menus are fried?! It makes me both mad and fat. I enjoy the occasional 1/2 price cocktails and $1 oysters at places like Urbana and Hank's, but usually I'm in the mood for a cold, delicious beer. So when I end up at virtually any bar in the District and throw back a couple of pints, I often find myself in need of a snack. Especially now that my friends and I remain essentially unemployed, the need for making a meal out of a happy hour is crucial. Often
(I'm going with 95% of the time), the only items on the menu are either fried or covered in cheese. Nachos, fries, wings, croquettes, taquitos, quesadillas, onion rings, fried pickles, ... and the double disaster- fried mac-n-cheese. I was at Acadiana last week and their half price apps menu consisted of 14 items (8 of which were fried... aside form the oysters, the rest of the items weren't any better) Come on people- give us some healthy-er alternatives! Anyone who knows me knows that I am all for fattening food so long as it's delicious...but this fried food thing is getting ridiculous.

4. Georgetown Cupcakes: Yes GC, you got your own bullet point- I loathe you that much. First, you started the trend in D.C., so kudos to you. But somehow the idea that cupcakes were the best dessert in the entire world infiltrated every person's mushy brain and the trend has NEVER stopped. NEVER! In almost 4 years! Then you got a ridiculous "reality" television show on TLC (I can say ridiculous, because I watched 2 episodes) that cannot possibly be even remotely based on reality, because if it was- you two girls are the worst business owners ever and have no business running a... well, business(seriously, you built a giant cupcake mask for a mardi gras party and forgot to see if it would fit through the office's doors first?!? Come on.). This show increased their popularity and now the lines don't just go out the door- There is not a time that I have driven by and not seen the line at least 30 deep. Ridiculous for cupcakes that are more often than not dry and often have a cream cheese frosting when it should be buttercream. Gah!

5. "Upscale"/ "Gourmet" burger joints: I spent too long getting angry at the 4 aforementioned peeves, so this will be brief. Why is this trend so popular when Ray's Hell Burger and Palena exist? There is no way to compete with them. Also, if people want a good burger, there's a 5-guys on practically every corner and pretty much any local bar does a fine job with a juicy grilled burger. So why are the likes of Bobby Flay & Co opening burger joints as if the world depended on it? I don't want to spend $8 for a small, "gourmet" burger when I can spend less than that and sink my teeth into the best burger of my life at Ray's. It's infuriating, and these shops are taking up the space that could be used for better endeavors... like ramen!
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Sunday, December 11th, 2011

Time:9:11 pm.
Any one of my friends can tell you I am not a sodium fan, but I am rather obsessed with Yakisoba's spicy chicken ramen. It's been about a year now and I just can't stop. It's the perfect amount of spicy (when Sriracha is liberally added) that I crave at least every other week. I have to stop this forbidden preservative love affair- it's just too good.
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Friday, December 2nd, 2011

Time:3:05 pm.
Oh yeah, I passed the Virginia bar and was admitted on October 14, 2011. Go me!!! So far it seems useless in the job hunt. but still... ridiculous excitement remains!
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Time:3:03 pm.
Gaslight Anthem, where have you been my whole life. Oh yeah, your albums started in '08 when I started law school... I'm so glad I'm 3 years behind in music and just now finding all of these awesome bands.
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Monday, November 28th, 2011

Subject:Mild summary/thoughts on my trip home.
Time:10:18 pm.
Mood: Vibrant.
Went home for Thanksgiving weekend for the first time in at least three years. Momma bought me a ticket so I was super excited to return back to the family and cook a big feast. Clare did not allow that to happen due to family drama. Instead Bood and I decided to have host our own immediate family Thanksgiving 2.0 on Saturday after the traditional Bearsh-controlled event. Thanksgiving wasn't so controlled, I don't exactly see why everyone was fussing that the food is bad usually... I thought it tasted pretty good. Saturday's was better though... everything is better with bacon (and when I cook it)!

Went out to West Hollywood (WeHo) for the first time ever. I am not West Coast. It made me miss my gays and their casual non-flamboyant nature. I had fun hanging out with HC and Boodst though.

Ate way too much Mexican food. There is really nothing much better than a bunch of carnitas, beans and rice. I may or may not have gained about 4 pounds during my endeavor to satiate my carnitas cravings, but it was entirely worth it. Coming back home from eating nothing but meat, carbs, and fat has me cleansing my body and trying to regain normalcy in my diet. I swear, my family doesn't eat healthily at all. I ran 4.5 miles yesterday and have had nothing but veggies & fruit juice for the past 24 hours;although my tummy is rumbling, I'm okay. It's good for me (and tonight I'm happy houring with Bui at Acadiana so I will be eating drinking there).

I miss my family- and they didn't hound me about moving home that much... I am a bit nervous their demeanor was a ploy. Either way I had a great time and am excited to go back on the 19th. Especially because it means I get to see Pinche finally. Not getting to see her made both Bood and I quite mad, but hopefully this sentiment will be culled come a Christmas time filled with lots of hanging out, peeptips, and Jewish Coffee Cake (I think I deserve the recipe for you blowing me off, Pinj!).
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Wednesday, September 14th, 2011

Time:12:55 pm.
I'm getting so sick of looking for jobs and finding the same ones over and over and over again.

What's more depressing is when you apply to a position and a month later, the organization reposts the same ad...thanks for telling me I'm not qualified without actually telling me.

So it's off to go interview at Politics & Prose... I bet they'll want me. I don't know how to spin the whole lawyer thing though... maybe I'll just omit that.
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Monday, August 8th, 2011

Time:5:56 pm.
Lindsey may be right. This could be the post bar depression. We spent 3 years... 2.5 intense months of incessant studying... for what? For unemployment. For massive student debt. For just as much insecurity as I had before. Now, I'm just way overqualified for it.

On the more positive side, I applied for a my first job. Small family law firm in Fairfax. Dream job. Fingers crossed people.
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Time:2:26 am.
So I'm like 40 minutes into Bridesmaids and I don't understand why so many people thought it was funny.

Commence week 2 attempt to find a job (although I really didn't search during week 1... I hope this week is more productive).
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Thursday, August 4th, 2011

Time:1:43 am.
Even though I have the apartment to myself for all of August, I moved back into the smaller room already. I love it here. Yes, the master bedroom was 3 times the size of this room and it was totally secluded from the rest of the apartment... but I love the smaller room. I spent my 1L year in this room; I have such fond memories of it, because I think I was the happiest I have ever been in here. Hopefully some of the karma will wear off on me or something. Regardless, it sure does feel good to be back in it again.
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Sunday, July 31st, 2011

Time:2:10 am.
I really missed my friends and DC. Life is great here. I don't want to grow up, but supposedly it is that time to start searching for a real job in the adult world... heaven forbid.

So I took the Virginia bar. Finished this Wednesday. Went back to Ventucky for 2.5 months, studied my ass off then flew back to the humidity, donned by best, most air-conditioned suit and headed to Roanoke, where I spent six hours on Tuesday and Wednesday test taking. It was amazing. I wanted to throw up on day one and then on day two I had to fight to keep myself in the seat, because I was so over it. Yeay the bar! The second Liz and I were done we ran to Loretta and booked it back up the 81 to our livelihood. Our friends were waiting for us in celebration, but all we wanted to do was sleep. I slept until 6:30pm the next day. It was weird. Since then we have been hanging out with friends; saying hello to people we havent seen in months and saying goodbye to the sad few that are leaving us. It's been nice. I can't believe I have to start seriously thinking about the future. I can't believe people are going to start paying me (hopefully) for being a lawyer. I love it so much...it seems surreal. Jobs aren't supposed to be fun. I am also really excited to start dating again. I need to make out with someone. Before was just to get my feet wet, but now I think I may be ready. Who knows. I may never be actually ready or over it, but I sincerely feel it's time. My friends are all serious in their partnerships and I'm not- so it's time to shape up and find someone who wants to shape up with me. Yeay growing up; three cheers for that. In other news, Matchbox20... I miss you and forgot about how great you were until I started listening to you again tonight. Good times and memories.

Life changes coming up (ch-ch-ch-changes) watch for them. Coming soon!
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Tuesday, June 21st, 2011

Subject:I want a magic eraser for my brain
Time:9:52 pm.
Awesome sauce. You would think I'd be over this by now, right?

I take solace in the fact that no one is on livejournal anymore. It makes these entries practically private.
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