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A second time around

24 May
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13, 27, accents, acqua di gio, amadeus, amygdala(the erotic nose brain), arm veins, arrested development, auddis, autumn, barefoot, batman, beauty, big cities, big cups, big dogs, black and white photographs, bluntness, bmws, boldness, british, broccoli, chevy bel airs, clam chowder in buoys, clouds, coffee, comedy, cooking, crazy people, curious, cursive, dark eyes, dreams, drunkenness, dusk, ed, everclear, existentialism, eyes, fbi, feeling sunshine, fluffy pillows, football, frank sinatra, friends, fuck, garlic, george harrison, gilbert grape, good times noodle salad, googoodolls, green, guitars, hate, hockey players, honesty, hot showers, i'm only sleeping, i'm so tired, ice hockey, independence, insanity, intelligence, interests, irish, isolation, italians, jacuzzis, jason bateman john cusack, jazz&big band, john lennon, johnny depp, kisses, la times, laughter, law, let it be, life as a house, liquid amber trees, lollipops, los angeles kings, love, love actually, maffia, matchbox20, mean mr.mustard, men...especially in business suits, mermaids, milk, moulin rouge, negativity, night, oasis, ocean, odd numbers, old fashionisms, old men, oldspice, openness, passionate kisses, paul mccartney, peaches, peggy lee, pens, people watching, piano, politics, rain, randomness, realism, red wine, religion, ringo, rock-n-roll, running, ryan gossling, san diego chargers, sarcasm, scars, serioso batman, sex, sex and the city, singing, singing in the car, singing in the shower, skin, skittles, sleeping, smiles, snl, snowflakes, stars, sunsets, sushi, the beatles, the chargers, the godfather, the killers, the notebook(movie), tomatoes, u2, unconsciousness, underwater, vanilla, variety, volleyball, washington dc, waterbeds, wind, ziggy palffy