Jillian (abbeyrhodes) wrote,

quick randoms

It's snowing outside so I can't go running today, but instead I should make nachos and enjoy Midnight in Paris and then a laugh-fest over the Bachelor? oh, okay.

Just spent 6 hours applying to jobs today, and I have two applications lined up in the queue for tomorrow, because I can't handle staring at my computer anymore. If I don't get a job this week, I'm screwed (I know I said this last week, but I really..really mean it this time).

Watching the food network & cooking channel is depressing when you realize you can't afford to make anything they are cooking. :(

I had a lovely weekend with the boy; did a brunch, watched some football, and just relaxed. There aren't many things I like more than just laying around in bed as the morning wanes into the afternoon. Also, the boy remains super cute and nice- Happy new year to me.
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