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Mild summary/thoughts on my trip home.

Went home for Thanksgiving weekend for the first time in at least three years. Momma bought me a ticket so I was super excited to return back to the family and cook a big feast. Clare did not allow that to happen due to family drama. Instead Bood and I decided to have host our own immediate family Thanksgiving 2.0 on Saturday after the traditional Bearsh-controlled event. Thanksgiving wasn't so controlled, I don't exactly see why everyone was fussing that the food is bad usually... I thought it tasted pretty good. Saturday's was better though... everything is better with bacon (and when I cook it)!

Went out to West Hollywood (WeHo) for the first time ever. I am not West Coast. It made me miss my gays and their casual non-flamboyant nature. I had fun hanging out with HC and Boodst though.

Ate way too much Mexican food. There is really nothing much better than a bunch of carnitas, beans and rice. I may or may not have gained about 4 pounds during my endeavor to satiate my carnitas cravings, but it was entirely worth it. Coming back home from eating nothing but meat, carbs, and fat has me cleansing my body and trying to regain normalcy in my diet. I swear, my family doesn't eat healthily at all. I ran 4.5 miles yesterday and have had nothing but veggies & fruit juice for the past 24 hours;although my tummy is rumbling, I'm okay. It's good for me (and tonight I'm happy houring with Bui at Acadiana so I will be eating drinking there).

I miss my family- and they didn't hound me about moving home that much... I am a bit nervous their demeanor was a ploy. Either way I had a great time and am excited to go back on the 19th. Especially because it means I get to see Pinche finally. Not getting to see her made both Bood and I quite mad, but hopefully this sentiment will be culled come a Christmas time filled with lots of hanging out, peeptips, and Jewish Coffee Cake (I think I deserve the recipe for you blowing me off, Pinj!).
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